Hiring a Professional to Deal With Roots in Your Drains is the Best Long Term Solution

Tips for Finding A Professional to Remove Roots from Your Drain Systems

When you use warm water to shower, clean utensils, or wash clothes, it is typically drained down your laterals to the city mains. There is a high chance of the vapor formed during the process seeping out through tiny cracks or loose joints and reaching the ground. Naturally, the roots of nearby trees will tend to grow towards the vapor and soon find their way into your drain. In your drains, the roots will find water and nutrients, two main things needed to foster the growth of roots. While this might be good for the trees, it can cause severe damage to your plumbing systems; therefore, it should be dealt with as soon as possible.

It is difficult to know whether you have roots growing in your lateral, but it is good to have it checked by professionals. Tree roots growing in sewer lines are one of the main reasons drains experience backups and pipe damages. If not handled well, such a problem can bring about damage to your plumbing systems. Even if you decide to use a plumbing snake to push the roots, they will cause blockage somewhere else in the drain system. 

How to Find A Professional

Most plumbing problems associated with drain cleaning should be left to the professionals. When seeking a professional plumber to remove roots from your drains, the first thing you do is to check within your locality. For instance, if you are an Orange County resident, for instance, it would only be sensible to find one from within the county for various reasons. Orange County drains, and piping systems are pretty old, therefore, likely to experience more problems than usual.

As such, having a professional you can always rely on will come in handy. Laguna Plumbing Pros is one of the most reputable plumbing companies dedicated to providing you with the best services. Finding us is pretty easy; we are available on cell, have a website where you can contact us or email us. All you should do is reach out to us, and we will deal with the impending issue ASAP. Our team includes professionals trained in every section concerned with plumbing, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency. 

Signs You Have Roots in Your Drains

  • Slow drains – If you have noticed that your tuns, toilet, or sink are draining sluggishly, it could be a sign of roots in your drains. While it could also mean there is a clog in your drain, tree roots cause the same effect to drains; therefore, they should be checked for clarity. 
  • Foul smells after draining – This is a big sign of roots in the drains, especially when the roots start causing a blockage. Sometimes, these odors can come out even when the sinks, toilets, or bathrooms are not in use.
  • Sinkholes around drains – When tree roots invade your sewer lines, they eventually damage the pipes, causing massive leaks. With time, the extra moisture in the soil will cause the surface around the drains to sink down.
  • Areas that are incredibly green on the property – The areas around the drains will always be greener than others if there are roots in your drains. 

If you think there might be tree roots in your drains, do not hesitate to contact a local and professional plumber. We also conduct routine checkups to help deal with problems before they get dangerous. While there are DIY methods of dealing with roots in drains, they might not be the long-term solution you need to deal with the problem. The best way to clear roots is by finding a professional from your location and letting them do their magic.

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