Certified Master Plumbers in Laguna Beach CA

The Plumbing Pros is your first choice for local plumbing services throughout Orange County CA, call us for all projects, both small and large. Our master plumbers install hot water heaters, sump pumps, fix broken pipes, clean-out clogged drains and sewer lines. Call us today for quick service.

Master Plumbers For Installation and Repair Services in Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel & Aliso Viejo

The Plumbing Pros of Laguna are you neighborhood local plumbers, on call  24 hours a day for any and all plumbing projects. We provide routine installations, general maintenance and emergency plumbing repairs for small and large projects. Our Orange County, master certified plumbers will repair and restore all of your projects quickly. Count on us for the “local plumber near me” as the leading choice for all emergency plumbing projects.

Top Rated Emergency Plumbers in Orange County

  • Faucet Repairs and Replacement
  • Sewer Line Snaking
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Frozen & Broken Pipe Repairs
  • Sewer & Drain Snaking and Cleaning
  • Video/Camera Inspection
  • Water Heater
  • Installation and Repair
  • Polyethylene Repair and Replacement
  • Slab Leak Repair
  • Bathtub Replacement
  • Kitchen Sink Replacement
  • Back-flow Specialist Testing & Installation
  • Residential & Commercial

Commercial & Residential Plumbing

Plumbing Emergencies, Our SoCal Team Has You Covered

If your plumbing disaster has caused a structural issue to your home or business, it is likely that it may be covered through your home insurance. We work with top restoration companies to get you restored quickly. Serving both commercial and residential property owners throughout Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Hills, we generally can arrive within one hour. You can learn more about us and schedule service by calling (949) 942-8760 to speak with our on call team, available evenings and weekends, including Sundays.

Local Plumbing Service By Certified Master Plumbers

Jeff Wixom
Jeff Wixom
Laguna Nigel, California
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I want to thank you for providing quick service on a Sunday afternoon. We came home from lunch and discovered our fridge water line was broken. Your service was super fast and a lifesafer.
Jackie Quinn
Jackie Quinn
Aliso VIejo
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Our sewer line was clogged and caused a backup in our basement. This was a huge nightmare, thank you for helping us out in a pinch.

Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel & Aliso Viejo Plumbing Services 24 Hour and Emergency Repairs

Laguna California

Laguna Plumbing Pros

When it comes to something as crucial as your commercial or residential air conditioning, heating, ventilation, or plumbing, you always want to ensure that repairs, maintenance, and new installations are done cost-effectively and accurately. When in need of such services, you find lots of options available in the market. However, you tend to wonder which one will offer excellent services at inexpensive rates. Look no further than Laguna Plumbing Pros for the best plumbing experts, plumbing and HVAC services. We offer plumbing and HVAC services in Laguna Nigel, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, and Lake Forest, California, at affordable rates so that you can enjoy your home worry-free and comfortably.

Same Day Plumbing Services

At Laguna Plumbing Pros, we are plumbing contractors and emergency plumbing experts with years’ worth of experience to help home and business owners cater to their plumbing needs. Our pipe fitters maintain and install pipe systems used in manufacturing or industrial production. They are knowledgeable about automated controls that regulate low- and high-pressure water heating and cooling systems; hence, they can handle them with no hassle! 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing , Drain Cleaning and Broke Pipe Repairs Laguna Plumbing Pros also offers pipe layers who install pipes to build upon and lay the framework for the outside section of your plumbing system. We offer these services for water mains, sewers, and drains.  Check out more of our plumbing services that include: sprinkler system installation and repair, gas line installation and repair, slab leak repair and whole-house re-piping.

Heating Services

Commercial, indoor heating and heat pump maintenance, repair, maintenance, and replacement are inevitable. Having an effectively functioning heating system is vital for your comfort as well as your safety.  At Laguna Plumbing Pros, we offer a comprehensive and extensive range of heating services to satisfy all your heating system installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance needs. Check us out for commercial and residential gas furnace, replacement, installation repair and maintenance, electric heat system repair and heat pump service. 

Air Conditioning Services

When your air conditioning unit and purifying units break down, it is not uncommon to leave or keep working in a hot and uncomfortable environment during the summers or in a highly chill environment during the winters.  Thankfully, no system is a match for the skills and the knowledge of our Laguna Plumbing Pros team. Our air conditioning contractors will get to you fast to ascertain you are back to a comfortable temperature instantly!  We provide air conditioning services which include air conditioning repair, air conditioning replacement, and air conditioning purification services. Our air conditioning contractors also offer same-day emergency air conditioning repair and maintenance, thus being very suitable on any day or night.

Ventilation Services

For your home or business to have ideal indoor air for exquisite comfort, ventilation should be set up in the right areas. Laguna Plumbing Pros specializes in a wide variety of ventilation services to keep your home comfortable and healthy. Our contractors address some significant areas for ventilation. At the same time, we offer installation services for roof vents, attic fans, dehumidifiers, and encapsulate crawl spaces to eradicate mold.  For inexpensive, prompt, reliable and courteous services for all your plumbing, air conditioning, heating and ventilation needs, contact Laguna Plumbing Pros! We are delighted to provide same-day service and installation and emergency using cutting-edge technology to provide you with exquisite plumbing services. You can rely on our team to look out for your best interests and those of your home!

Frequently Asked Questions for Laguna Plumbing Pros 

Q: Do you service the entire Orange County area, or are there specific cities you cater to?

A: Yes, we proudly provide plumbing services to the entire Orange County region, including cities like Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and others. If you’re unsure whether your city is covered, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!

Q: With Orange County’s specific water quality concerns, do you offer solutions for hard water or water filtration?

A: Absolutely! Orange County can sometimes experience hard water issues. We offer water softening solutions and whole-house water filtration systems to ensure that the water in your home is soft and clean. We can test your water quality and recommend the best solution for your needs.

Q: In the case of an emergency plumbing issue, how quickly can you respond to a call in the Orange County area?

A: We understand the urgency of plumbing emergencies. That’s why we aim to respond as swiftly as possible. Typically, we can be at your Orange County residence within 1-2 hours of receiving an emergency call. However, response times might vary depending on our current workload and your location.

Q: Given the varied climate of Orange County, from coastal to inland, do you offer specialized services or recommendations based on these microclimates? A: Yes, the diverse climate of Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, and the entire Pacific coastline for Orange County can sometimes affect plumbing needs. For coastal homes, we often recommend corrosion-resistant fixtures due to the salty air. Inland homes might have different needs based on soil type and local water tables. When you schedule a consultation, we’ll assess your unique situation and provide tailored recommendations.

Remember, every home and plumbing system is unique, so always feel free to reach out with any specific queries or concerns related to your situation.

Resources for Laguna Area Homeowners

Laguna Beach Water Department 306 3rd St, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949) 494-1041 Laguna Niguel Water Department 26161 Gordon Rd, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (949) 831-2500