Best Way To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal is a lifesaver, helping people get rid of food leftovers without filling the environment with food landfills. The food scraps you put on your garbage disposal are ground up and disappear, leaving one with fewer worries about leftovers. Evidently, small pieces of food get stuck on the disposal and start decaying over time.

Moreover, greasy food scraps often have a slimy substance that can’t be pulverized, encouraging the growth of bacteria and germs. Therefore, regular cleaning is paramount. If not, your garbage disposal can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Replacing garbage disposals can be done as a DIY project, but most property owners opt for a professional for proper sizing and installation.

Steps to Deep Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

The good news is that you can easily clean it to remove all dirt and grime that could breed germs and bacteria. You probably have all the cleaning components in your home. All you need is lemon peels, vinegar, table salt, baking soda, and ice. The best way to clean garbage disposal is to use natural ingredients, as chemicals can corrode the metal parts. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean the garbage disposal.

Don’t Hesitate to Call an Emergency Plumber if You Need Help With Replacing a Garbage Disposal

Disconnect the Power Source

The first few steps to cleaning are the most crucial. If you don’t get it together in the first instance, the chore can turn out to be a nightmare. First, disconnect the power by either pulling the plug to an outlet or turning off electricity from the breaker box. Double-check if the power is turned off by switching on the garbage disposal.

Clean the Gasket

You’ll then clean the splash guard. It has a lot of crevices that trap food particles in there. Get it out, and put it on the drain to thoroughly wash it with detergents and a scrubbing brush – clean vigorously, giving attention to the inner part to remove slime or debris.

Removing Food Particle

Using a flashlight, check any food particles in the garbage disposal. Tongs and pliers will come in handy to reach and remove food particles from the garbage disposal. Don’t use your hands even when the blade isn’t in motion.

Pour in Baking Soda and Vinegar

Measure a cup of baking soda, then pour it into the garbage, and let it sit in for a while to deodorize the equipment. Afterward, pour in the vinegar and allow the chemical reaction to get rid of the gunk from the disposal. Finally, rinse with hot water.

Grinding Salt and Ice

It’s time to clean the blades – start by reinstalling the splash, then reconnect to the power supply. Pour two cups of ice, and add salt to it. Run cold water into the disposal, then turn on the equipment. Let it run until all the ice is ground up and the mixture is a good scrub.

Grinding Up Lemon Peels

The last step to cleaning is freshening up with a citrus smell. Put lemon peels, run cold water into the garbage disposal, then turn on the power. This step will leave behind a fruity scent.

Take Away!

Cleaning garbage disposal is essential, just like any other home appliance. It removes dirt and grime from food scraps that can create a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. The above steps can help you to clean the garbage disposal effectively.

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